Paladins Developers

A list of resources and packages for developers using the Hi-Rez Paladins API.


Welcome to This site is built as a resource for creating and sharing tools, packages, and documentation for Paladins. The goal is to be a central and maintained source for all things Paladins.

The GitHub organization can be found here. You can also join the Hi-Rez developer Discord here

Obtaining API Key

Please submit an appliction to gain access to the Hi-Rez API.

Packages, Tools, & Resources



NodeJS / TypeScript

Testing / Beta

No packages in the testing / beta phase as of right now

In Development

In development also includes packages outside of PaladinsDev organization

Honorable Mentions

These are packages created but may no longer be maintained or are not considered part of the PaladinsDev organization for one reason or another, however for transparency we’ll also include them here.


Why would I want to do this?

Like previously stated, our goal is to be a secure, maintained, and central source for all people using different languages to get packages and tools from that can help them create prototypes or develop their own products faster. If you’re looking to be a part of that crew, then submit your tools or package.

What can be submitted?

Basically anything. We’re not locking down to a single idea. Got a good repository with example projects? Cool! You have a starter application/template? Awesome! Got a way for developers to test and view data with ease while they’re developing a project? Send it on over!

What does this mean?

When you see a package by other developers either forked over to or created as PaladinsDev, that means they’re considered active and have a level of detail considered acceptable.

When it gets approved, what happens?

This process is still being worked out; but pretty much…once we talk about the source code, maintaining it, code coverage, etc. the we’ll either create a repository for you to push your source code (preferred) or we’ll fork it and give you write access to the repository (this method preferred if you have a commit history you’d like to maintain).

How do I submit my package/tool/resource?

Just open an issue here.

Issues / Security

If you have an issue or a bug, please open an issue on the corresponding repository. If you’ve found a vulnerability or other security issue please email immediately.